Laundry just might be the most time-consuming chore; there’s a reason it’s been dubbed the never-ending story for adults! As soon as you get one load folded and put away, you have enough dirty clothes to start a new load. In the Minneapolis area, Metro Heating & Cooling is the laundry plumbing specialist that you need!

We care about your dreams and goals; we want to help you set up the laundry room of your dreams. We are not paid based on commissions, so you can be sure that we’re giving you our honest opinions about the products and services.

  • Washing Machine Installation
    • Once you’ve picked out your shiny new washing machine, let us install it for you! We can also talk about whether delivery is an option. Gone are the days of worrying about what hose goes where and praying that you tightened everything enough.
  • Dryer Installation
    • Dryers cause an estimated 2,900 home fires a year, according to the US Fire Administration, and around $35 million in property losses. We will clean your dryer vent lines and install the machine properly. If necessary, we will run and vent a gas line. We are familiar with city codes and always ensure that our work meets or exceeds the guidelines set.
  • Utility Sink and Faucet Repair and Installation
    • We can also take care of your old utility sink, too. We will haul the old one away and set up the new one in its place. We can redo old plumbing or install brand new for the tub and faucet. Got a concrete tub? No problem; we will break it up, take it out, and clean up any dust left behind.

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Contact us for all your plumbing repair needs! Together, we can make your laundry time more enjoyable and less of a “necessary evil.”


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