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Sale Of Home HVAC Inspection

Selling a home can be exciting and it can be stressful.

One of the items required for a home sale can be final is the “sale of home inspection” which covers the furnace / AC unit.

Although a home may be inspected by a home inspector prior to the closing of the sale, a buyer has the right to request a separate furnace / AC inspection.

In fact, it is recommended by that buyers opt for the additional inspection because it is more in-depth than the basic home inspection, as it is done by a certified furnace / AC inspector.

Because a buyer can request the additional inspection, it can be good for the seller to go ahead and have one done.

The reason is because an issue with the furnace and/or AC unit can lead to a buyer backing out.

It can be devastating to be so far into a sale and then the buyer decides they don’t want to follow through, especially if a seller is already in the process of closing on another home.

Comprehensive Inspection Methods

By having a sale of home inspection done before selling the house, issues that could potentially lead to a buyer backing out can be found and fixed.

If no issues are found, then you have the inspection document to show that the furnace / AC unit is sound. This can prevent a delay in the closing process.

If a problem is found, it will need to be repaired before the home sale is completed.

Not making the repair can increase the risk of buyers backing out.

The only other option may be lowering the cost of the home to compensate the new owners for the repair, but lowering the home price isn’t always feasible for sellers.

Common problems

The common ways in which a furnace/AC unit can kill a home sale are:

Leaks and emissions

Refrigerant or gas could be leaking from the unit. Carbon monoxide and black soot could also emit from the unit, which can be deadly.

Defective parts

This can happen on newer furnaces but is more common with old ones.

One of the most critical components is the heat exchanger because it converts fuel to heat. A broken heat exchanger can release gas into the air, making it a major deal-breaker in a sale.

This is a problem not commonly found in the standard home inspection.

Poor maintenance or installation

Annual maintenance can pay off when it’s time to sell the home. Annual maintenance can also identify poor installation, allowing the problem to be fixed.

If your system isn’t currently under a service contract, it is good to do that now.

If you are selling your home, a service contract is something you can set up when you’re in your new home.


Time is not on the side of the furnace or air conditioner.

The average HVAC system life expectancy is 15 to 20 years, depending on the level of maintenance.

Helping Complete The Sale

The sale of home inspection is a great tool for completing the sale.

Even if a problem is found, taking care of the problem can help the seller because it can help reassure the buyer that the HVAC is working properly. Having the inspection done before the potential buyer comes into the picture and showing that it has been done can also be a great sales tool.

Contact A St. Paul Furnace / AC Inspector

If you are selling your home or buying one and you wish to have a separate sale of home inspection for the furnace/AC unit, Metro Heating & Cooling can help you.

We will thoroughly inspect the unit to ensure it is sound. If not, we can make recommendations that can keep the home sale/purchasing process on track.

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