Let Us Worry About The Health Of Your HVAC System

We can service all makes and models of AC and heating systems and reduce your risk of outages and early replacement.

Our maintenance plans saves you money & energy.

Want to:
✓ Protect your investment
✓ Get front-of-the-line maintenance on your AC or heating system
✓ Reduce the risk of outages and early replacement


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A Maintenance Plan Can Make Your System Last Twice as Long

You spent a lot of money on your HVAC system because a properly working system means a more enjoyable home.

Unfortunately, it can be easy to forget about the well-being of your heating and/or cooling system when it is working properly.

Your system sits in a closet, outside next to the house, or in the attic and works diligently to keep you cool in the summer and warm in those brutally cold Minnesota winters.

It’s out of sight, so it’s difficult to tell that general wear and tear is degrading your HVAC system until it suddenly stops working in the middle of the summer or the dead of winter.

We Have You Covered

Just because your HVAC system is out of sight, it doesn’t mean it should be out of mind.

An annual inspection of your heating and/or cooling system, can identify issues before they become expensive and difficult-to-manage problems.

Usually, one component failure can lead to another, resulting in a very costly, yet preventable domino effect.

If the warranty on your system is still valid, many part failures could be covered.

Be Your HVAC System’s Hero

When you are proactive about the maintenance of your heating and cooling system, you are your system’s hero because you are extending its life.

You’re also your own hero for preserving the level of comfort within your home. There is something satisfying about catching a problem before it becomes bigger and it’s even more satisfying when you find out it’s covered by your warranty.

Even if it isn’t covered by your warranty, you can avoid the expense and stress of premature system replacement simply because you’re taking care of things rather than just letting your system wear itself out.

Or, You Can Forget The Maintenance And Hope For The Best

Homeowners that decide to deal with HVAC maintenance later are surprised when their system suddenly stops working properly or at all.

While it initially seems cheaper and simpler to just ignore it, if your system is degrading, then the Minnesota winters are harsh on systems.

Plus, a degrading HVAC system will mean your energy bills to rise and comfort levels decrease.

A system that completely fails needs to be replaced which can be an unexpected expense you hadn’t budgeted for, which is something that we see happen to people every day.

Remember, we service all AC and heating system makes and models.

A Maintenance Plan Saves Energy, Money, and Keeps You Comfortable

It also reduces outage and early replacement risk.

Don’t worry about HVAC maintenance when we can worry about it for you.

With the Maintenance Plan, you get:

✓ A pre-winter heating visit

✓ A pre-summer cooling visit

✓ Indoor air quality assessment

✓ A trip report outlining the results and recommendations (if any)

Benefits of the Maintenance Plan

✓ Excellent customer care – You are our priority, so we are there when you need us

✓ No travel charges, hourly rates, or hidden fees – You always know what you are paying for

✓ 24/7 service – We are there for you when you need us

✓ Warranty – We guarantee the quality of our service

✓ Peace-of-mind – The health of your system doesn’t have to be a mystery

✓ Risk reduction – Reduce the risk of outages, costly repairs, or early replacement

✓ Price discount- Receive a 15% discount on any parts needed.

Sign up for the Maintenance Plan and Schedule Your Maintenance Appointment

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We’re looking forward to working with you, and keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer!


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