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Spring A/C Tune Up

This is the perfect time to get your Air Conditioning tuned up for the coming summer months. Most of us don’t like those humid July days when the temperatures rise above 85°- we all need our A/C during these times. If you get your A/C tuned up now, the chances of it failing later in the summer are far less.

HVAC equipment is really important. If you’ve ever gone without cool air during the summer you know it can be simply agonizing.

If the heat doesn’t bother you as much as it does some people, the breakdowns and costly repairs will give you a headache.

If you have any questions about tuning up your A/C this spring, please give us a call- we will even answer the phone after hours.

Trust us!- You don’t want to wait until you need your A/C to find it doesn’t work.

Test it now and call Metro Heating & Cooling to schedule a tune-up. Happy Spring!

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