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St. Paul, MN Heating & Air Conditioning Expert Should Check Your HVAC

For the sake of maintenance, safety, and efficiency, it’s time to let a St. Paul, MN heating & air conditioning expert check your HVAC and the condition of your furnace.

WCCO-TV reporter Bill Hudson filed a report about how having an efficient HVAC system can translate into big savings on utility bills, and he highlighted several important points that furnace owners need to take into account.

Fighting the biting cold

Experienced technicians like those working with Metro Heating & Cooling recommend a twenty-point furnace check-up to check your HVAC and is practically guaranteed to save money on the next billing statement.

Many companies are so sure of this procedure that some of them have gone as far as offering rebates, so there’s no better time than now to have this done.

Energy efficiency campaign

The state of Minnesota has required utility companies to promote energy efficiency in an effort to reduce power consumption.

In fact, Xcel Energy and Centerpoint Energy are giving rebates to customers for sealing and insulation, thorough energy audits, and new furnaces.

The more energy-efficient your system is, the better.

In the event that a household needs a new furnace, the Center for Energy and Environment (CEE) is offering to finance units for qualified customers at low-interest rates.

Basic furnace care and troubleshooting tips

Once a year, vacuum out the area around the furnace’s blower.

Slide out the fan unit and clean each fan blade with a toothbrush, and then use a vacuum cleaner to clean the unit housing.

Look for any oil ports near the motor shaft; if the motor has these, apply two to three drops of non-detergent motor oil.

This is because while most contemporary motors don’t require lubrication, designs with oil ports should be lubricated once a year.

If the furnace cabinet makes rattling noises when it runs, be sure that the cover panels are screwed on securely.

If the blower is making a grinding noise, shut off the unit and call a technician specializing in furnace repair from St. Paul, MN because the motor’s bearings are likely to be damaged, and will stop working in the near future.


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(Source: Here’s How To Tune Up Your Furnace, Help The Environment & Save Money, CBS Minnesota)

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