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Top FAQs Customers Ask HVAC Companies

Calling for Heating, Cooling, and Water Heating repairs or a new equipment installation is not something everyone is experienced with. HVAC is complex and an essential part of your home, so it’s no surprise if you have a few questions. Today, we’ve put together some of the most frequently asked questions in the HVAC business so that you can have a few answers ahead of time. Satisfy your curiosity, plan for future services, and give yourself a little peace of mind by perusing our HVAC FAQ answers.

What Does an HVAC Tune-Up Consist Of?

You may have read that air conditioners and furnaces need the occasional tune-up and it’s smart to call for one annually even if your equipment apprears to be running. But what exactly happens during an HVAC tune-up? What will your technician be doing?

Furnace and Air Conditioner Tune-Ups ensure safety and proper operation for the upcoming season. Performing a tune-up will extend the life of your equipment and ensure you don’t experience unexpected and premature breakdowns. Below is a checklist that displays the items we inspect on your Furnace or Air Conditioner during a tune-up.

Furnace Tune-Up & Safety Checklist

  • Heat Exchanger Inspection (Visual)
  • Inspect Gas valve
  • Test & Inspect Inducer Motor (Amp Draw)
  • Test Start Furnace/Boiler
  • Test High Limit Control
  • Inspect Drain system
  • Test Blower Motor (Amp Draw)
  • Inspect/Clean Burner
  • Test/Clean Flame Sensor (Micro Amps)
  • Check flue venting
  • Ignitor (Ohms)
  • Clean Furnace Compartments
  • Inspect Electrical Connections
  • Test Contactors
  • Test Capacitors (Rated vs. Actual)
  • Test Thermostat
  • Carbon Monoxide Test (ppm)
  • Gas Pressure (in WC)
  • Check Safety Controls
  • Check Air filter

Air Conditioner Tune-Up Checklist

  • Test Contactor
  • Clean Outdoor Cooling Coil
  • Inspect Primary Drain Pan
  • Inspect Low-Voltage Wiring
  • Test Drain System
  • Blowout & Clean Drain Lines
  • Test Blower Motor (Amp Draw)
  • Test OD Fan Motor (Amp Draw)
  • Compressor (Start Amps & Run Amps)
  • Blower Capacitor (Rated vs. Actual)
  • OD Capacitor (Rated vs. Actual)
  • Refrigerant Levels
  • Test Thermostat
  • Inspect Electrical Connections
  • Duct Dampers

When Should I Get an HVAC Tune-Up?

If your furnace or air conditioner is not showing signs of failure, you may wonder how often a tune-up service is necessary. Once a furnace is over five years old, once per year is recommended by manufacturers and service professionals.

The best time to get your furnace or air conditioner tuned up is right before or right after a high-demand season. To receive the best possible service, avoid times when there is extreme weather.

What Does it Cost to Repair My AC/Furnace?

Understandably, questions about cost are among the most common from homeowners. Everyone wants to know what they’re getting into before they pick up the phone. The cost of your HVAC service will depend on what needs service. The national average range for an HVAC repair service is between $150 and $450. The amount is determined by a combination of replacement parts and the labor hours necessary to enact your repair.

Metro Heating & Cooling, LLC charges a $129 diagnostic and assessment fee. If new parts are needed, we will discuss pricing for parts and installation before performing the work. Our trucks are fully stocked and Metro technicians are ready to make only necessary repairs!

What Does it Cost to Replace My AC/Furnace?

HVAC installation and replacement, on the other hand, is a serious investment to plan for. Whether you’re facing an emergency replacement of an old unit or looking to make the home improvement before the unit goes critical, the cost of an HVAC replacement or installation is significantly higher than a repair. This is understandable, as the largest expense in replacement is, of course, the new HVAC unit.

Contact Metro Heating & Cooling, LLC today for a FREE, no obligation estimate.

My furnace is Making a Loud Noise and I Think It’s the Fan. What Do You Think?

Sometimes an HVAC system can make a real racket. Clanging, rattling, and constant banging sounds are all an indication that something has gone seriously wrong. A noisy furnace is a clear sign that you need an inspection and possible repair, but the noises don’t always mean what you think they do.

Sometimes when the furnace is running loud all you need to do is replace the filter. It could be the fan, but most of the time changing the filter or getting an inspection will take care of the issue. Sometimes due to age and normal wear and tear a loud furnace or air conditioner signals you need to make a repair. Our technicians will be able to make recommendations on how to eliminate the loud sounds coming from your system.

Do You Service My Neighborhood?

This is an important question for any homeowner to get out of the way early. Before you ask about services and costs, ask about service area. Here at Metro Heating & Cooling, we service the entire Twin Cities Metropolitan area and the surrounding areas. For an exact idea of our service area, please give us a call or view the map at the bottom of our home page. Each HVAC service is different based on their home location and the distance they are willing to branch out to provide service. We would be happy to tell you if your neighborhood is within the service area if you call or send a message.

Do You Offer Financing Options for HVAC?

Metro Heating & Cooling offers multiple financing options for your convenience. Our most popular is 18 month Financing at 0% Deferred Interest with No Down Payment required. Customers have the ability to finance all or just some of the work we perform with Synchrony Bank. We are proud to offer competitive financing rates! Please follow this link to learn more about our financing options!

What is the Life Expectancy of an HVAC System?

Furnaces, Boilers and Air Conditioners should all  last WELL over 15 years.  It all depends on regular maintenance! There are a few dinosaurs out there that have been running for 50+ years, these units are likely inefficient and upgrading would be cost effective.

What Does an HVAC Technician Do?

It’s not unusual to wonder what an HVAC technician is actually doing in your utility closet. For a clear idea, see the list at the top of this article. HVAC service technicians work hard to ensure safe and efficient operation of your family’s heating or air conditioning system. HVAC technicians are trained in school and on the job to diagnose and repair faulty parts and ensure efficient operation of your system.

Why Is My AC Running but Not Cooling the House?

Finally, that all-important question. “Why the heck is my AC working but not making cold air?”

We are very familiar with this question because we are asked it a lot. If your AC i s running, why can you still hear the fan? The answer could be many things, but we always recommend that the outside condenser is hosed off every Spring, to remove cottonwood or debris. Also, be sure you have a clean filter installed at the furnace.

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