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Top Signs that you Need Plumbing Repair Services in Minneapolis & St. Paul

A plumbing system is an integral part of any home. As such, you need to maintain your plumbing system to avoid significant plumbing problems that may affect your home in general. Essentially, regular maintenance of the plumbing system helps keep your water and electricity bills at lower levels. This is because an efficient plumbing system lessens water and electricity wastage.

However, it is not always to keep plumbing problems at bay. What’s more, sometimes it can be tough to know whether your plumbing system has a significant problem if you are not a professional.  In this case, it is imperative to contact a plumber who will help identify the root of the problem and, at the same time, provide a solution.

That said, some plumbing problems are visible to the naked eye. Here are some warning signs that your plumbing system has a problem that you shouldn’t ignore.

You Notice a Small Leak

A leak, no matter the magnitude, shouldn’t be ignored. A small leak can waste several gallons of water in the long run. As a result, you may notice a significant increase in your water bill that arises due to the small leak.

Having said that, if you notice a small leak around your pipes, it is imperative to call a plumber immediately. Apart from causing a significant increase in your water bill, the leak may also cause your pipes to deteriorate further- causing further damage to the plumbing system in your home.

You notice your water is discolored.

Sometimes water coming out of the pipes may not be as clear as you’d expect. Noteworthy is that discoloration is a sign of a problem with the plumbing system. This problem is common, and, often times, homeowners tend to ignore it.

However, although harmless, discolored water may be a sign that your plumbing system needs maintenance. Put briefly, discoloration of water may arise when water comes into contact with oxidation on its way to the faucet. This often leads to brown, red, or yellow discoloration of the water.

If you live in Minneapolis or St Paul, you need to contact a plumber as soon as possible. In essence, a plumber will help remove iron or manganese that is likely to be the root cause of the problem.

Decreased Water Pressure

Water is a valuable “asset” in any home. Homeowners use it to carry out a lot of things daily. However, water can only be useful if it comes out of the fixtures at the right pressure. As such, a decrease in water pressure is a sign that your plumbing system has a problem.

A lot of factors may be contributing to the problem, but in most cases, it’s something on the fixtures that typically causes the problem. Therefore, you need a plumber to check out the pipes, identify the underlying problem and prevent further damage.

Slow Drains

Another telltale sign that your plumbing system needs repair is slow drains. Slow drains are characterized by water pooling up in a sink after a simple task such as a hand wash. This is problematic because, under normal circumstances, the sink isn’t supposed to fill up with water.

Noteworthy is that a slow drain may have serious implications in the long run, since it is the final step before a drain becomes completely clogged.
That said, you can counter this by seeking help from a plumber. Essentially, a plumber will help clean the drain and, at the same time, remove the clog manually.

Your Pipes are Older

Pipes are part and parcel of the plumbing system in any home. As such, in order for any plumbing system to work efficiently, it must have pipes that are in good condition.

Rusty and old pipes are problematic. This is because they may lead to discoloration of the water, and clogging may also arise. As such, if you’ve lived in an older home for a considerable period, there’s a good chance that your home’s pipes are coming towards the end of their useful life.

That said, if you still have older pipes in your home, this is the right time to call a plumber and have them replaced. It is imperative to do this replacement as soon as possible before the plumbing system becomes seriously damaged.

Your Pipes are Disfigured

Normally, pipes tend to be smooth. As such, if your pipes aren’t smooth, there’s a high chance that the pipes have come into contact with corrosive chemicals. These chemicals are, in fact, dangerous because they tend to eat away completely the metal that keeps your pipe intact. And, in the long run, you may notice small leaks in your pipes.

Therefore, if your pipe is bumpy, rough, or disfigured, you are supposed to contact a plumber immediately. It would be best if you did this to avoid extensive damage to the plumbing system.

Your water has a funny smell and taste.

The quality of water in your home is often affected by the plumbing system. Often times, this may arise when water becomes contaminated as it passes through the pipes. A leach from the ground and corrosion are some of the major contributors.

As such, if you feel that your water is contaminated in any way, you should call a professional immediately.

You notice a spike in your water Bill.

A sudden rise in your water bill isn’t something that should be ignored, especially if you are used to seeing a certain amount in your bill. As such, if the water bill shoots without a reasonable explanation, you need to find out the main cause of the problem.

Often, a significant increase in the water bill arises due to a problem with your meter or a small leak. However, other factors such as a burst pipe may also be contributing to the high water bills.

If this is the case, you need to seek help from plumbing services professionals to help identify the underlying issue and address it.

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If you or your loved one has issues with your plumbing system, you need to contact a plumbing service professional immediately. Essentially, this helps prevent further damage and ensures that your plumbing system operates smoothly.

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