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Smart Thermostat Installation by Metro Heating & Cooling

Metro Heating & Cooling offers smart thermostat installation to the entire Twin Cities and surrounding areas. Smart thermostats allow homeowners to minimize energy costs by scheduling your HVAC system to run less while you’re away from home. Smart thermostats allow users to control the thermostat and monitor their homes temperature from anywhere in the world using a smart phone or computer. Some smart thermostats such as the ecobee 3 lite and ecobee 4 are Smart Home ready. This means that you can use any virtual assistant (Goole, Alexa and Siri) to adjust the comfort settings in your home. Metro Heating & Cooling works hard to ensure efficient operation of residential heating and air conditioning systems. Using an ecobee smart thermostat installed by Metro Heating & Cooling, homeowners can be sure their equipment is running at optimal efficiency.

ecobee 3 lite

  • Save energy and reduce heating and cooling costs
  • Control your thermostat from anywhere in the world using you iOS or Android device.
  • Energy reports give you insights on how much you’ve saved on run time and offer tips for further savings.
  • Vacation modfe keeps energy use low and easy to adjust while you’re away.
  • Alerts and reminders offer peace of mind. ecobee notifies you right away if it senses something isn’t working.

ecobee 4

The ecobee 4 is the number one voice-enabled smart thermostat in the world. The ecobee 4 with built-in Alexa allows homeowners to play music, hear the news, set a timer, adjust the timer and much more.

ecobee Room Sensors

Place ecobee room sensors in the rooms that matter the most in your home. The sensors will help balance the temperature throughout your entire home. The sensors measure both occupancy and temperature. The sensors tell your ecobee Smart Thermostat to switch to the right mode for comfort when you’re home.

Contact Metro Heating & Cooling today for more information about Smart Thermostats. Installing a Smart Thermostat will ensure efficient operation of your heating and air conditioning system and allow you to control it from anywhere in the world.

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