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Water Treatment Systems Installed Minneapolis & St. Paul

Water Treatment Systems for Homes in Minnesota

Residential water treatment systems improve the water quality in homes in many ways! Whether you’re looking to soften your water or filter it for drinking, Metro Heating & Cooling can help!  We’re proud to offer unique systems to meet each homeowners specific needs.

There are several types of water treatment systems that homeowners can invest in, such as the following:

  • Water Filtration Systems: These systems can effectively remove minerals, chemicals and/or pollutants from the water.
  • Water Softeners: Water softeners are attached to a home’s water line, and these systems are used to filter out minerals. Generally, this process is completed by replacing minerals like calcium or magnesium ions with potassium or sodium.

There are several signs that can indicate a home needs a water treatment system. Here are signs that you should watch for to determine if it is time for your home to have a water treatment system:

  • An unexplained and unpleasant odor that you smell in your water
  • White water
  • An unpleasant taste in your water
  • Water that causes health problems such as stomach pain

Water Treatment Systems for Businesses in Minnesota

HVAC systems are used in nearly every commercial building, and these systems have the ability to disrupt business operations if they are not properly treated. HVAC systems that are not properly treated can lead to significant downtime and a loss of revenue.

Just like in a home, HVAC systems in commercial buildings have to meet the building’s unique requirements without breaking down. HVAC systems that utilize water have to be properly treated because a lack of routine care and maintenance can lead to corrosion and buildup.

Water treatment systems have been designed to target a significant number of contaminants that can be found in any water source. Water treatment systems that are designed to be used in a commercial capacity have the ability to produce high-quality water without utilizing other water treatment systems such as reverse osmosis. For this to be effective, the total dissolved solids (TSDS) in the untreated water cannot be high and the water must be biologically safe.

HVAC Systems That Utilize Water Are Prone To Corrosion

With winter on the horizon, heavy demands will be placed on HVAC systems throughout the remainder of the year. HVAC systems must meet unique heating and cooling requirements and demands throughout the year, without encountering failures that will result in expensive repairs. HVAC systems that utilize water have to be treated with proper care and maintenance.

HVAC systems that utilize water are prone to erosion by chemical action and microbiological growth. If there is a lack of water treatment services, the damages to an HVAC system can result in expensive breakdowns in the HVAC system. HVAC water treatment solutions contain corrosion and inhibitors that can effectively fight against the build-up of corrosion and microbiological growth.

At Metro Heating & Cooling, our experience has taught us about the importance of maintaining water in HVAC systems, especially when it comes to minimizing the chances of encountering corrosion and biological growth. We understand that HVAC systems need the proper water treatment services that will not only extend the performance of each system but the life of the system.

HVAC Water Treatment Systems

At Metro Heating & Cooling, we provide high-quality water treatment systems that extend both the life and performance of HVAC systems.

  • Provides greater protection for piping to minimize corrosion and scale buildup
  • Keeps heating equipment clean to optimize the flow of water and the transfer of heat
  • Extends the life of other equipment, such as hot water heaters
  • Reduces electricity costs

HVAC systems can potentially become a major disruption if they are not properly treated. Energy is a costly expense. However, when energy usage is reduced, it can have a significant impact on expenses.

Many areas of HVAC systems are difficult to clean because they are often in hard-to-reach locations. Typically, this can result in the presence of chemicals and buildup that could cause health, safety, and environmental issues. Not only are there concerns surrounding chemicals, biological growth, buildup, etc., there will also be concerns regarding small spaces, elevated locations, water, and electrical issues.

Fortunately, water treatment systems can be used to address all of the above issues because water treatment systems will not only increase energy savings, but will also reduce environmental and safety concerns.

Water Treatment Systems for Boilers

Boilers for HVAC systems work through the use of pressure that produces heat. The pressure that is produced in the form of heat can take the form of steam. These systems can be extremely vulnerable to scale buildup. Unfortunately, scale buildup can result in pipe ruptures. Boilers can also experience corrosion, and corrosion in boilers can lead to a variety of issues, such as the following:

Boiler water treatment is crucial for the removal of substances that can be damaging to the boiler. Boiler water treatment is also needed to properly maintain the health of the system. Water treatment systems can put an end to these problems before they can lead to irreparable damage to an HVAC system.

For more information about water treatment systems in a residential or commercial setting, contact us today. Our team will perform an assessment of your water quality and create a roadmap that will ensure your water is vastly improved.

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