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What Should You Do If Your Air Conditioner is Dripping?

If your air conditioner is dripping, it’s a sign of disrepair you can’t afford to ignore.

Not only can leaks cause water damage and mildew if they’re left alone too long, they are an indication that some part of your air conditioner is overworking or malfunctioning.

What are the most common causes of dripping air conditioners?

Like with many appliances that have a cooling component, drips means something is clogged or obstructed.

Air filters will the dirt and debris the unit is pulling from the circulated air, and if the air filter isn’t changed on schedule, it will clog.

Other causes behind a leaking air conditioner include a clogged condensate line and a cracked drain pan.

What should you do if your air conditioner is dripping?

The first thing you should do is replace the filter if it hasn’t been changed in a while.

If you just changed it and the filter isn’t the cause of the dripping, then call in an air conditioning technician to check the coils, drain pan, and lines.

While you can still lightly use a dripping air conditioner if you catch the drip quickly, place a pan or bucket to catch the dripping water and make sure a technician inspects the unit soon.

Once the drip has been fixed, there are two steps you can take to help keep your air conditioner running smoothly:

  1. Regularly change out your filter based on the packaging’s schedule, or more frequently if you have a pet.
  2. Pour a bit of chlorine bleach into the condensate line every six months in order to stop the build-up of algae and mildew.


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