Will Your Air Conditioner Work This Spring?

It’s March 15, and the high today is a record breaking 70°.

I just got off the phone with a gentleman that turned his A/C on yesterday to test it, and nothing came on.

One of our technicians will be visiting him this afternoon – something that normally doesn’t happen in the middle of March.

What’s the most common reason for this?

One of the most common causes of an A/C not working is a tripped breaker.

If your A/C doesn’t come on this weekend, check the breaker in your electrical panel – it may need to be reset, or maybe you turned it off last fall as you knew you wouldn’t be using your AC during the winter.

If it needs to be re-set, it could mean that you have a bad breaker, a loose wire, or a bad capacitor.

You should have this investigated further, since it can lead to more costly repair in the long term.

What’s the next most common reason?

The second most common problem we see is probably a dirty filter.

A dirty filter will restrict air flow moving through the air ducts and can result in frozen A-coils.

That’s why we recommend that you check your furnace filter before turning on your A/C for the first time in the spring.

Turn off the power or the fan in the furnace, then take the filter out, vacuum out the inside of the duct where your filter sits.

Finally you’ll need to replace the old filter with a new filter.


If you’ve tried these 2 possible fixes, and they haven’t worked for you, then Contact Us at (651) 294-7798 and tell us what you need us to do.

We’ll get your air conditioning working properly again in no time, and keep you cool this spring as well as the summer.

Enjoy the weather!