Your Furnace’s High Limit Switch Explained

Each of the components in your gas furnace must be capable of operating correctly else your furnace may cease to provide heat. Unfortunately, many homeowners find the multitude of different components a source of serious confusion.

If you would like to learn more about one component vital to your furnace’s smooth operation, read on. This article will acquaint you with the so-called high limit switch.

The Basics

The high limit switch is one of the most important safety features in your furnace. In the event that your blower system ceases to function correctly, the high limit switch’s job is to shut down the furnace.

It does this because, without a working blower system to send it out into your home, the furnace’s heat would soon build up to potentially explosive levels.

The high limit switch regulates your furnace’s operation by closely monitoring the temperature inside of the combustion chamber.

A Closer Look 

As you may be able to surmise from the information above, the high limit switch contains a thermostat capable of reading your furnace’s internal temperature.

Should this temperature exceed a pre-set safety threshold, the high limit switch will kick into action and close off the gas valve allowing gas into your furnace.

High combustion chamber temperatures are most commonly associated with a non-functioning blower system.


Like all furnace components, it is possible for the high limit switch to begin causing problems should it become miscalibrated or broken.

Perhaps the most commonly encountered issue is a high limit switch that shuts off the gas flow even when the temperature is still within the safe range.

What To Do Next

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