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Your Heating & Air Conditioning in Maplewood, MN: Knowing the Parts

Knowing the parts of

An efficient  heating & air conditioning system in Maplewood, MN is important to make sure that it would do its job of keeping you warm or cool, depending on the season.

When all the components of the system are functioning properly, you can be better assured that you will get comfortable indoor temperatures, regardless of the weather.

It’s helpful to get familiar with the systems basic components and how they work to recognize if a specific part isn’t working well.

Thermostat indicator

The first part is the thermostat indicator.

This is the most visible component of the system and should ideally be positioned on an easily accessible part of a wall.

It can be set manually or programmed in advance to change temperatures at certain times of the day. It can also sense the surrounding temperature and adjust accordingly.


The furnace is the vital component of the whole system.

It is very big and can generally be found in the basement, attic, or a special cabinet made just for it.

It is mainly responsible for heating air from a room, which is then distributed to the different parts of the house.

The furnace also pushes heated air into the ducts running through the rooms in the house.

Heat exchanger and evaporator coil

The heat exchanger and evaporator coil are part of the furnace unit and serve opposite functions.

The heat exchanger sucks in cold air and heats it, then disperses the heated air through the ducts.

The evaporator coil, on the other hand, sees more use during hot weather as it cools hot air from the surroundings, and the resulting cooled air is then distributed to various rooms through the ducts.

Condensing unit

The condensing unit is connected to the evaporator coil and is located outside the house.

It is filled with refrigerant gas, which is cooled to a liquid by the heat exchange. The condensing unit then pumps the liquid to the evaporator coil where it turns back into gas.

Vents and ducts

Lastly, the vents and ducts run throughout the house.

The vents transfer the heated or cooled air from the ducts into the rooms in the house. The ducts carries the air to the different areas of the home.


Knowing all these components will allow you to identify the root of any heating or air conditioning problem in your home.

By learning more about how each one works, you will get a good idea on which part may not be functioning well.

You can then decide if the problem is a simple one that you can fix by yourself, or if it is time to call an expert on AC repair in Maplewood, MN, such as one from Metro Heating and Cooling before the problem gets worse.

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