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Fujitsu Ductless Mini Split Install in Minnesota

Ductless Mini Split HVAC systems have been popular in European countries for many years, but are now just starting to gain traction as a viable HVAC system in the United States and especially, Minnesota. Minnesota homeowners should consider mini split installation if their home does not have an AC and is heated by a boiler (radiators or baseboard). Today we’ll learn about Fujitsu Mini Splits and Ductless HVAC systems.

Fujitsu offers an excellent selection of ductless HVAC units for families and property owners to choose from. The question is only which unit and installation choices are best for the needs of your home.

What is a Ductless Mini Split?

Ductless Mini splits cleverly removes the need for ducts by focusing on zone-by-zone cooling and heating. Ductless Mini Splits mount on the wall or sometimes even the ceiling, a ductless HVAC emits cool air or heat via the wall mounted head and a condenser outside the home or business. Metro Heating & Cooling installers run refrigerant lines from the control head to the outdoor condenser. We cover the lines to make them look appealing using a conduit type cover called “Speedi Channel”.

Mitsubishi Ductless HVAC in Minnesota

Here in Minnesota, air conditioning is no joke and sourcing the right system for your home can be a matter of health, safety and comfort!

We will help you assess the rooms, size, and cooling needs of your home and select the right Fujitsu ductless HVAC system to best cool your home. Whether you are cooling one area like a bedroom or basement, or you are looking for a whole-home ductless cooling solution in Minnesota, we are here to help.

The Ultimate Replacement for Window AC Units

Many Minnesota homes were originally built with window unit ACs and similar wall units. Ductless AC is perfect for replacing these old room to room units. Ductless HVAC also conditions the home in air-zones – rooms and open spaces – but more efficiently and without occupying an entire window. Fujitsu ductless HVAC units can also be installed on interior walls, with the coolant lines running around walls and over ceilings. This means you can condition more rooms in the home and choose exactly where you want your cooling zones to be centered.

Ductless AC for Home Renovations

If you are renovating a home, HVAC ducts often get in the way. Removing or moving walls, especially, can impede the flow of your central air ducts. Often, it’s easier to simply cut off a space from the central air system, but an un-conditioned room can quickly overheat in the summer or freeze in the winter. If you are adding an extension or rearranging the walls of your home, ductless HVAC systems make it possible to provide efficient air conditioning without connecting to central air via ductwork. You can condition your new space or use mini-split units to fully replace your home’s ducted HVAC.

Ductless Mini-Split for Every Room in the House

Depending on the size of your home, you can use a Fujitsu ductless mini-split system to condition every zone in the home. You can have one system for the bedroom for a cool night’s sleep, another in the living room and kitchen area, and even one out in the garage that you only turn on when you need some time with the car or workshop.

Because you only turn on each zone as you need it, ductless mini-split is also more energy-efficient to condition the home compared to central heating and cooling.

Find Fujitsu Ductless HVAC Installation in Minnesota

Residents of Minnesota can rely on us for all your heating and cooling needs. If you are considering a Fujitsu Ductless HVAC installation, we will gladly condition your modified home, install ductless HVAC in a new home, or help you replace an old central air system. If you’re not sure, contact us to consult on the right HVAC system for your home. We look forward to working with you!

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